A.R.F. Ontario

FOSTER HOMES! Since ARF does not have a shelter facility, the rescued dogs and cats count on VOLUNTEER foster families to care for them while they wait for their forever families.

Fostering Application

ARF is 100% volunteer. We endeavor to spend every penny on the high vet costs rescued animals incur. Donated supply items mean more funds can be directed to medical care! The following are some items that are currently at the top of our

Wish List

Contact Us to arrange a drop-off or pick-up

  • Puppy Toys & Collars (All Sizes)
  • New litter boxes
  • Canned dog food (adult and puppy)
  • Blankets and towels
  • Leashes and collars (for Adult dogs of all sizes)
  • Baby gates
  • Kong Toys
  • Canadian Tire money
  • Puppy Exercise Pens (ex-pens available at pet supply stores / Canadian Tire)

Many ARF rescues are orphaned puppies and kittens. They require extra special care and items:

  • bottles of unflavored Pedialyte liquid (available in the infant pharmacy aisle of most grocery or drugstores)
  • Puppy or kitten formula (Available at Global Pet Foods)
  • baby oatmeal cereal, rice cereal or pablum cereal.
  • Stage One plastic baby bottles
  • Grocery store gift certificates
  • Stuffed animals (Without Bean Bag weights inside)

  • PLEASE NOTE : ARF is not a registered charity, ARF does not issue tax receipts. All of our funds provide food, life saving medical care, training and supplies for the dogs and cats. If you would prefer to make a cheque payable to "The Strathroy Animal Clinic", and mail to The Strathroy Animal Clinic, 425 Frances Street, Strathroy, ON, N7G 2L7, this will be applied to The ARF account for rescue surgeries and required vet care.

    DROP OFF Locations:

    Taylor Fence (Monetary and Supplies), 7223 Longwoods Road, London (Lambeth).

    Global Pet Foods (Monetary and Supplies), Commissioners Rd. W. at Wonderland, London.

    Global Pet Foods (Supplies) 395 Wellington St S, London.


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